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Caso de build a bear construir una memoria

Rasmussen, de John H. It was prepared by the German religious reformer Melanchthon, with Martin Luther's approval, as a summary document for the German nobility, who were called to a diet at Augsburg on June 25,by the Holy Roman emperor Charles V to present their "Lutheran" views.

Rejected there, and later amended, the confession - together with the Nicene, Apostles', and Athanasian creeds and Luther's Small Catechism and Large Catechism - constitutes the creedal basis for almost 80 million Lutheran Christians.

The Augsburg Confession has been translated into most major languages and many dialects and in its original form is part of the constitution of most Lutheran churches. Lutheran clergy are frequently required to subscribe to it prior to ordination.

In its modern form the Augsburg Confession consists of 28 articles. The first 21 summarize Lutheran doctrine with special emphasis on justification. The second part of the Augsburg Confession reviews the "abuses" for which remedy was demanded, such as withholding the cup from the laity in Holy Communion and forbidding priests to marry.

Because of its conciliatory tone and brevity, the Augsburg Confession affected the entire Reformation movement, especially in such manifestations as the Anglican Thirty-nine Articles and the theology of the French religious reformer John Calvin, who signed a later version in In more recent times it has been the basis of fruitful ecumenical dialogue between Roman Catholics and Lutherans.

It was presented at the Diet of Augsburg in Fue presentada en la Dieta de Augsburgo en Philip Melanchthon was its author, but its teachings are clearly those of Martin Luther.

Caso de build a bear construir una memoria

Charles V called a diet, or convention, of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire to meet in Augsburg in The emperor was staunchly Roman Catholic and wanted the empire to be loyal to Romanism. He directed those rulers supporting different teachings to present statements of what they believed.

Charles wanted religious unity so that the empire could present a united front against foreign enemies, especially the Turks. Lutheran theologians drafted various preliminary documents, including the Marburg, Schwabach, and Torgau Articles. Luther had a hand in their preparation, but he could not attend the diet.

He had been outlawed by the Edict of Wormsand the Elector of Saxony could not protect him at Augsburg. Since he had been declared a heretic, his presence would have shifted the focus away from doctrinal issues.

His martyrdom would have served no purpose. Su martirio se han servido de nada. Luther remained at the Coburg but was in constant correspondence with those in Augsburg. Lutero se mantuvo en el Coburg, pero fue en constante correspondencia con los de Augsburgo. Luther's co-worker, Philip Melanchthon, produced the final draft of the Augsburg Confession.

At that time he was in doctrinal agreement with Luther, who approved of the confession wholeheartedly. Luther did note that it might have dealt with a few more errors and abuses, and that he would not have used such a mild tone.

The doctrine of the confession is clearly that of the Reformer himself. Both the German and the Latin copies were handed in as official.

Melanchton altered later editions, partly to render it ambiguous on points such as the real presence of Christ's body and blood in the Lord's Supper. He was inclined to compromise on doctrinal issues.

Caso de build a bear construir una memoria

The Augsburg Confession was signed by seven princes and representatives of two independent cities. They believed that the doctrine it taught was biblical and true. They were the ones to sign it because the diet was precisely a convention of the rulers of the empire.

But the confession was not intended to present the teachings of some governmental authority.Todas tus series! Buscar serie A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.

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Augsburg Confession Confesión de Augsburgo - Española General Information Información General. The Augsburg Confession is a Lutheran Confession of Faith that was issued () during the Reformation at the Diet of Augsburg.

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