Crm case studies mba students

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Crm case studies mba students

Campaign management functions include: Staff members within the departments can share information collected when interacting with customers.

Crm case studies mba students

For example, feedback received by customer support agents can provide other staff members with information on the services and features requested by customers. Collaborative CRM's ultimate goal is to use information collected by all departments to improve the quality of services provided by the company.

Geographic data can be analyzed to provide a snapshot of potential customers in a region or to plan routes for customer visits. However, as mentioned above, CRM is not just a technology but rather a comprehensive, customer-centric approach to an organization's philosophy of dealing with its customers.

This includes policies and processes, front-of-house customer service, employee training, marketing, systems and information management. Hence, it is important that any CRM implementation considerations stretch beyond technology toward the broader organizational requirements.

Information gained through CRM initiatives can support the development of marketing strategy by developing the organization's knowledge in areas such as identifying customer segments, improving customer retention, improving product offerings by better understanding customer needsand by identifying the organization's most profitable customers.

CRM strategies can vary in size, complexity, and scope.

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Some companies consider a CRM strategy only to focus on the management of a team of salespeople. However, other CRM strategies can cover customer interaction across the entire organization.

Many commercial CRM software packages provide features that serve the sales, marketing, event management, project management, and finance industries. Successes While there are numerous reports of "failed" implementations of various types of CRM projects, these are often the result of unrealistic high expectations and exaggerated claims by CRM vendors.

Many of these "failures" are also related to data quality and availability. Data cleaning is a major issue. If a company's CRM strategy is to track life-cycle revenues, costs, margins, and interactions between individual customers, this must be reflected in all business processes.

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Data must be extracted from multiple sources e. Data from other systems can be transferred to CRM systems using appropriate interfaces. A well specified system is of vital importance before starting any implementation, as it can lead to a significant reduction in the time and cost of implementation, as well as highlighting any unrealistic expectations.

Privacy and data security One of the primary functions of CRM software is to collect information about customers. When gathering data as part of a CRM solution, a company must consider the desire for customer privacy and data security, as well as the legislative and cultural norms.

Some customers prefer assurances that their data will not be shared with third parties without their prior consent and that safeguards are in place to prevent illegal access by third parties.

Simply implementing a solution intended to achieve organizational goals is not enough to achieve CRM success. The process should ensure that these goals are achieved.

More importantly CRM optimization should be encouraged through the right practices, optimization of resources and the ability to adapt to change. How to achieve CRM optimization: Business processes need to be integrated with the CRM solution before actual implementation.

The chosen solution should fit organizational objectives to the hilt. Phased Implementation Start a pilot project and set goals for the organization.

Phased implementation is always easier to implement and the rewards are higher. Objective focus The net result or the ultimate objective of the business process needs to be taken into consideration while implementing.CRM case studies / Customer Relationship Management Case Study helps to achieve a business interaction with existing and potential customers using customer data analysis (such as sales and service-related processes, forecasting and analysis of customer trends and behaviors etc.) and develop business relationships with customers.

The case method involves presenting students with case studies, also known as cases, that document a real-life business situation or imagined business scenario.

Cases typically present a problem, issue, or challenge that must be addressed or solved for a business to prosper.

Crm case studies mba students

Aug 30,  · CRM Case Study CASE STUDY PROJECT (II SEMESTER) hereby certify that this is a bonafide Case Study Report submitted by me as a part of second semester executive MBA study. This case study project is being submitted to the National Institute of Business Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the.

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