Kudzu a foreign enemy

It was discovered that animals would use the plant for forage and was later used as cattle fodder. Additionally, kudzu was found to be a great tool for erosion control due to its strong root system. The plant also helps fix the nitrogen content in the soil.

Kudzu a foreign enemy

The target is the Asian stink bug, which has been crawling inside Maryland homes all winter. Most likely brought here in a shipping container from Asia five years ago, the brown marmorated stink bug has spread throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

In Maryland, they have spent the winter making themselves at home in our homes. But as spring warms, they will migrate back outdoors and multiply. Leaving marks where they feed, more stink bugs will mean more losses, because in the U.

This is where some of them are working: Deposited in clutches of 24 eggs on leaves, they are vulnerable to a natural predator not much bigger than ground pepper—a tiny wasp from Asia that implants its own young in stink bug eggs. Determining if the wasps will do more good than harm is going to take the lab time.

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Meanwhile, an invader is spreading unchecked. Because of the serious threat they pose to agriculture, researchers are working on other biological controls, as well as racing to develop an effective pesticide against stink bugs.

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Once established, kudzu grows at a rate of one foot per day with mature vines as long as feet. Known as "mile-a-minute" and "the vine that ate the South", kudzu can easily overtake trees, abandoned homes, cars and telephone poles. But there’s a risk in assuming that the known natural enemies of the kudzu bug will eliminate the threat, Fadamiro said.

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"While the incidence of the kudzu bug has declined in recent years, there could be many factors involved, including weather conditions and other natural enemies, so we need to continue this work," he said.

“It’s changing the mindset,” said Zev, “changing the attitude, thinking of kudzu as an ally instead of an enemy.” This root starch has been leached 10 times in cold water over a period of two weeks before reaching the final drying stage.

Kudzu a foreign enemy

Blaustein, Richard J. Kudzu’s invasion into Southern United states life and culture. In: McNeeley, J.

Kudzu a foreign enemy

A. ed. The Great Reshuffling: Human Dimensions of Invasive Species. Sep 07,  · Researchers from North Carolina State University, in Raleigh, have married nature and science in a scheme that might pose the first realistic threat to kudzu.

In curbing kudzu, goats may be man's best friend - iridis-photo-restoration.com