Success and failure stories of market research

Yet the reality is that there are instances where market research contributes to the very crashing of product zeppelins. Here are some of the major misadventures of market research: New Coke This is easily one of the most notorious failure of marketing analysis, although some business conspiracy theorists contend it was a ploy to actually deepen the desire of an iconic product by its removal and return Michael Jordan mastered this years later.

Success and failure stories of market research

Email Last Updated Jul 10, 3: Although I view product positioning strategy as critical for success in today's hyper-competitive marketplace where everybody's competing for the same shrinking budget and differentiation is hard to come by, marketers often think of price as their only lever.

And as I've said before, that's just incompetent marketing. Anyway, when I wrote the post I invited readers to reply with product positioning success stories. You can learn a lot from other's successes and failures.

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I was surprised at the enthusiastic response. Here are five, including three write-ins from readers: The famous positioning of 7-UP as the "Uncola" perfectly positioned that product for those who did not want to consume cola drinks.

For those who do a confirmed Coca-Cola fanaticthe positioning of 7-UP had no appeal. But that's fine, since I am not their prospective customer anyway even though THEY might consider me a prospect.

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I've been critical of Howard Schultz the turnaround CEObut Howard Schultz the entrepreneur franchised "premium coffee," forever upgraded the "coffee shop" experience, and created one of the world's most powerful brands in the process.

The most famous example I can think of is Swatch.

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How to conduct market research for small businesses | Every decision you make should be informed by data and the results of every action you take should be bookmarked for future reference. But in a world where so much data is available, it can be difficult to identify which metrics are really important.

Created as a defense against low priced Japanese quartz watches that swamped the market, instead of competing on price, [parent company] SMH positioned the product as the famous "fashion watch," thereby creating a whole new market, much larger in size than the original watch market.

Another fantastic example is Hyundai, a company that understands how to consistently move upstream through intelligent product positioning. Hyundai is increasingly creating havoc in the market for their competitors and finding ways to innovate, and develop value propositions that resonate with their customers and prospects.

Success and failure stories of market research

Can you come up with a fifth that isn't lifted from Blue Ocean Strategy or some other book? You know what's harder and perhaps even more interesting than identifying product positioning successes?Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: 5 Metrics You Need to Track Today, there’s no excuse for flying blind — everything your marketing team does should be intelligent.

Every decision you make should be informed by data and the results of every action you take should be bookmarked for future reference.


Whether your business is in a start-up stage or in an expansion phase, market research is vital for understanding the critical characteristics of your target market to increase sales revenue, profit, ROI and overall business success. The importance of market research can be best perceived by understanding the various factors that impact your business.

Without market research to back your strategy, your brand could be throwing money away.

The 5 Best Books on Market Research There is a lot of market research being conducted out The 7 Best Market Research Podcasts Mobile technology is . Market Research Future published a research report on “Failure Analysis Market Research Report Forecast to ” Market Analysis, Scope, Stake, Progress, Trends and Forecast to Market Research. P&G was a pioneer in developing the discipline of market research during the s. However, by the early s, the company had made significant changes in the way it handled market research. Instead of finding out what products consumers used, P&G had initiated an exercise to learn how consumers used them.

Depending on your business, this could be the difference between success and failure. Market research allows you to maximize the benefit of each dollar invested in your marketing. A good example of problems marketers face when trying to use market research for breakthrough products can be seen in this story from [email protected]

In it, the authors discuss how market research, or lack of it, may in some ways be blamed for what some claim is a significant product category failure – the 3-D television. There are certain factors that can cause business failure but lack of proper research for profitable market before venturing is one of the main cause of business failure.

Your new startup can fail irrespective of your country’s ease of doing business. Finding market research data really depends on the market you are targeting and the industry you are in.

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Here are a few of my favorite sources for market research: U.S. Census: If you’re opening a business in the U.S., the U.S.

Census site is a goldmine of information.

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